Gayle-Lynn LeMaster

for Lieutenant Governor

Gayle-Lynn: LeMaster is candidate for Minnesota Lieutenant Governor on the Independence Party Ticket. She is the running mate of:

Phil Ratté

Minnesota Gubernatorial Candidate


Phil Ratte' is an Independence Party candidate for Governor of Minnesota.

Phil Ratte' is a retired Mechanical Engineer, Alternative Energy Advocate & Frequent Candidate.

(Abraham Lincoln run ten times unsuccessfully, but on the eleventh, he won the Presidency.)

For details on his background and political stance please see his websites listed above.


Meet the candidate:

Gayle-Lynn is single mother of two teenage children, fifty-nine years of age, co-founder of a construction company and residential property rental business, holds college degree in Theology. She was born in Michigan, and has previously lived in New York and California; and lived in Arizona and New Mexico while doing missionary work. She has been a resident of Minnesota for the past twelve years.

Gayle LeMaster is facing a large pack of opponents, consisting of eleven men, four women and four unnamed candidates, all seeking the Office of Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota. Thomas A. Harens, James A. Mulder, Stephen Williams, Mark F. Workcuff are opposition candidates for Independence Party Ticket. William McGaugley, Gregory K. Soderberg, Annette Meeks, Todd “Elvis” Anderson and an unnamed candidate are candidates for the Republican Party. Yvonne Prettner Solon, Robyne Robinson, John Gunyou and Lady Jayne Fontaine are candidates on the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

Dan Dittman is candidate for the Green Party; Erin Wallace is candidate for the Ecology Democracy Party; and Edwin H. Engelmann is candidate for the Grassroots Party. Also, there is an unidentified candidate on the Libertarian Party Ticket; an independent Marijuana legalization candidate; and another unnamed independent candidate. This means that Gayle-Lynn will still face eight opposing candidates for Minnesota Lieutenant Governor in November's General Election.

In the Minnesota Gubernatorial Election, as Lieutenant Governor, Gayle LeMaster's opponents range from PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS to who knows what, since some have made or published no statement of background, stance on issues important to voters, or photograph depicting their general appearance. Some are single issue candidates, with little or no stance on other issues of importance to the voters. In this publication, it is believed that Gayle-Lynn has addressed these single issue matters or concerns, very well.

Voters should by now realize that career politicians represent more of the same gutting and destroying of Minnesotans' pursuit of Happiness. Therefore, Gayle-Lynn has chosen to give disclosure of where she stands on issues that are important to the survival of the State of Minnesota; giving the voters an opportunity to make intelligence choice, absent of political hype, disinformation or fluff. If Minnesotans truly want “change”, Gayle-Lynn offers change to benefit Minnesotans and their future.

Gayle-Lynn is a major advocate for restoring and protecting our right to vote on elections of judges, and for judicial reform and accountability. She has testified before the State Legislature twice as to the issue of corrupt judiciary and the need for reform. As Lieutenant Governor, she will actively work for judicial reform and for the Legislature to fulfill their Constitutional requirement, impeachment of corrupt judges. The State Legislature has NEVER impeached any judges; it is high time for them to now take action.

Gayle-Lynn is a major supporter and advocate of returning the Grand Jury to their proper power and place, and the Right to access the Grand Juries freely by the people of Minnesota; and breaking stranglehold of BAR members, who hinder filing and prosecution of criminal cases in this state, turning grand juries into mere pocket juries, which are controlled by County Attorneys, who frequently secret or block criminal information or activity from these present pocket juries, protecting other corrupt BAR members and bureaucrats from prosecution, while promoting organized crime in the halls of government and giving bad name to our justice system.

Gayle-Lynn favors the abolishing of the Minnesota BAR's monopoly and control over our judiciary, legislature and executive offices. She is an avid supporter of constitutional separation of powers: no member of the judiciary shall hold office in the legislative or executive branches. All, ALL, members of the BAR are “officers of the court”. Therefore, they go “in disguise in premise under color of law, custom, practice or policy” while acting as legislators or executives in direct violation of constitutional mandates and their oaths of office.

However, law enforcers, while issuing so-called “CITATION”, are “going in disguise upon the highway under color of law, custom, practice or policy” acting as “officers of the court”. Does anyone see the violations of OATHS of Office? These people swear oaths to support and uphold the Constitutions of the State of Minnesota and The United States, and then violate their Oaths daily, for personal gain; giving no care or concern to the harm that they cause to the people. These unconstitutional laws, customs, practices and policies must cease and desist.

Gayle-Lynn, over the past four years, has been Plaintiff in a multimillion dollar lawsuit, which various BAR members have entered and withdrawn on both sides of this Case. Most have proven that they will not represent their client against corrupt judiciary, that they are for sale to the highest bidder, or to those who will grease their palms the most. They have also proven that they are well practiced and good at being DISINGENUOUS and PICK-POCKETS, with impunity.

This Suit has cost Gayle-Lynn hundreds of thousands of dollars, with attorneys and judges all attempting to break her and pressure her into dropping the Suit, or into accepting some sort of conspired, orchestrated compromise. In June, they held "Trial" behind closed doors, while knowing she lay in a hospital bed on a heart monitor. The sign on the locked courtroom door read: "No one permitted in this courtroom without first registering with the Clerk of Court."

This action was taken to prevent any courtroom observers or members of the press from seeing, hearing or reporting what these criminals conspired in secret. Though, over the past four years, they have held many “Star Chamber” proceedings without Gayle-Lynn's presence, usually off the record. She had Attorneys withdraw as her counsel after attending such secret meetings. The Court continually has treated her as if she were the Defendant, instead of as the Plaintiff.

In the two day June Star Chamber proceedings, with ONLY Court Officers, Defendant (another Good-old-boy”), his supporters or 'witnesses' and his Attorney present, undisclosed Judgments were entered against Gayle-Lynn by a judge already under Petition for Recusal due to unclean hands and conspiracy to DEFRAUD, and with documented Verified Criminal Complaints resulting from that Case, which Complaints were previously filed against him at Federal, State and Local levels as yet to no avail.

This year during Criminal Contempt proceedings, the judge refused to find Defendant in contempt for intentional nonpayment of court-ordered obligations; thereby, causing court sanctioned financial duress to Gayle-Lynn. Then the same Judge unlawfully seized Gayle-Lynn's home and contents, turning possession over to Defendant, which left Gayle-Lynn and her two children homeless and in the street.

Also, this year Gayle-Lynn was forced into defending several illegal foreclosures or claims for liens against her properties; said Cases arising because of Defendant's forging of Gayle-Lynn's signature and commission of other fraudulent acts. Gayle-Lynn's responding Petitions were denied or refused to be heard, resulting in personal properties and evidence being seized or destroyed.

The Judge, who seized Gayle-Lynn's home, also utilized the bogus "Star Chamber Trial" while knowing Gayle-Lynn was in the hospital, to alter custody status of her son, taking custody from her without authority, cause, or even a hearing on the merits. This demonstrates the retaliation ability and cruelty of members of the BAR, it's organized crime syndicate and apparent (In)Just-US system.

It appears that they are attempting to make an example of Gayle-Lynn for testifying on State Capitol Hill against their criminal organization, as well as for her filing Verified Criminal Complaints against several judicial and BAR members. This criminal activity includes, but is not limited to, perjury, theft, conspiracy to embezzle or conceal embezzlement, conspiracy to conceal crimes against children, conspiracy to falsify bank records and conceal forgery of bank instruments, conspiracy to conceal income tax fraud and filing of false, or fraudulent instruments, and conspiracy to shield from prosecution.

Several Judges and the County Prosecutor have unlawfully withheld evidence, documentation and affidavits addressed to the Grand Jury, while the County Prosecutor (DA) refuses to prosecute any “Good-old-Boys”. But then, why should he, since he too is Party to and named in some of these crimes.

The Attorney General claims that she has no authority to bring action in these matters against fellow BAR members, however, as member of the BAR, she holds office unconstitutionally in violation of Separation of Powers provision of the Constitution.

The State Legislature has the authority to impeach; however, they have NEVER exercised that authority. Why should they, since the Legislature is controlled unconstitutionally by members of the BAR, who also hold office in direct violation of Separation of Powers Clause of the Constitution.

Gayle-Lynn was forced to file for Appeal, however, the lower courts have SEALED some records, refused to release others, and hindered the process, therefore, blocking her from moving forward with her Appeal. The Court of Appeal failed or refused to issue Writ of Mandamus or issue a timely Emergency Stay of Proceedings or Emergency Restraining Order, and now is recommending Mediation despite historical domestic violence and abuse involved in that Case, which, by law, predisposes use of mediation as inappropriate. Therefore, she is caught in limbo, due to judiciary having conflict of interest, yet all working hard to protect each other in their apparent (In)Just-US system.

Since September 2009, the Court has withheld over $70,000 from Gayle-Lynn and her children, which was court ORDERED to be paid to her. Member's of the BAR and their “Good-old-boys” network are doing all that they can behind the scene to destroy her and to prevent her from revealing their scheme, and from becoming the next Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota. Can anyone say, “RICO”?

Gayle-Lynn does not imply that all Lawyers are bad, since in the past four years she has met with or received telephone calls from numerous Lawyers, who have warned her about the judicial “Good-old-boys” network, and have thanked her for taking a stand and testifying before the Legislature on judicial corruption and need for judicial accountability and reform. Some Lawyers are tired of being forced to grease judges' palms.

This problem is NOT about Gayle-Lynn or her case, since this corrupt judiciary has destroyed the lives of thousands of Minnesotans, while enriching the "Good-old-Boys". . The concern arises because this abuse of authority, and lawlessness are a resounding pattern, being perpetrated against the people over and over by their private corporate court system and judiciary, without solutions in sight. This situation is so widespread throughout the court system it has unfortunately become the norm, and has filled lives of honest people with an aftermath of tragic devastation. Gayle-Lynn believes the rampant corruption must be stopped, exposed, addressed, rectified, and avenues of true justice be given back to the people at all costs.

Gayle-Lynn believes the people have a Right to unbiased counsel, untainted Judiciary, and Truth in the Courtroom. Perjury with impunity in the courtroom by public officials should not be the norm.

Gayle-Lynn welcomes anyone equally desiring a purified Legal and Judicial System, to stand and be counted. Join with me in this battle against corruption and tyranny.

Gayle-Lynn believes we should educate our children as to the Law and Constitution, protection of Rights, and the true Rule of Law from an early age. "The average farmer in 1834, with a high school education, had a better education then the average attorney of today." It is time to return to that high standard of education.

Gayle-Lynn supports alternative schooling, both private schools and home school. She is totally against the precept that children are property of the State, and is against State meddling in our lives, the lives of our children, or such schooling curriculum. The family is the most sacred unit of our society. Members of the BAR daily prey on the destruction of this unit, for their own enrichment.

Gayle-Lynn supports and advocates vigorously, the Right and need for everyone to chose and practice their own Health and Health Care decisions and options; and the right of access to alternative treatments and methods.

Gayle-Lynn supports and advocates protection of the people's right to alternative medicine and right to freely access vitamins, nutrients or supplements without government interference.

Gayle-Lynn supports and is an advocate for the “Right to life”. She believes that the government sponsored murder of one million babies each year is unacceptable, and its new euthanasia (so-called health care) plan is like wise. As Lieutenant Governor, she will work to prevent Minnesota from participating in this genocide of our people.

Gayle-Lynn is against government mandate of health insurance or any government mandated contracts, since the Constitution for the United States of America mandates that no government shall pass any “Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts.” Therefore, how can government mandate the entering of fraudulent contract through coercion or threat of duress, causing Obligation without informed voluntary consent? The Law requires that contracts must be entered voluntarily with full disclosure, without coercion, threat of duress, misrepresentation or fraud.

Gayle-Lynn supports and is an advocate for the “Right to keep and bear arms”, which “shall not be infringed”. She supports the forming and training of local militias throughout the state for our common defense. By law, all able-bodied men between the ages of 15 and 70 are automatically members of the state militia. Most members of the state militia are not subject to the call of the President, and are solely for the protection of the state and our various communities, protecting Minnesotans from all enemies foreign or domestic.

Gayle-Lynn believes in these maxims of law: Everyone's home is their castle; and everyone is a sheriff at their front door. Those who wish to establish a police state do not wish to be reminded of these maxims of law, since they promote unwarranted searches and wish to quarter paramilitary troops.

Gayle-Lynn supports and advocates the end of State meddling in family and religious rights by its attempts to regulate or license what are guaranteed or protected Rights. The requiring of the good people of this State to purchase indulgences or to practice certain religious acts under color of law, custom or policy is unconscionable.

Gayle-Lynn supports and advocates personal property rights; and the Right to privacy, is paramount. As Lieutenant Governor, Gayle-Lynn will work to put an end to unlawful foreclosures in this State by corrupt big banks and foreign corporations, who are without standing in our courts. At present, Minnesota is ranked among the top five States in home foreclosures, this must not continue, since this is a sure sign of the coming death of this State. In the State of Michigan, people, who were evicted from their homes through illegal bank (RICO) schemes, have left that state by the thousands.

Gayle-Lynn supports and advocates transparency and open government. Gayle-Lynn as Lieutenant Governor will open not only the State Budget for public review, but the State Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, as well, which is normally concealed from public view. That is correct, all corporate States and Municipalities maintain two sets of books; one for public consumption and the other for insiders use only. The CAFR discloses what truly happens to our tax dollars; where the State Budget is a mere whitewash and usually untruthful.

Gayle-Lynn supports and advocates the farmer's right to grow crops from heirloom seed free of chemicals and corruption, to freely grow cash crops as they desire, and to protect this state from GMO pollution. She, also, promotes return to organic gardening and farming. It is time to end government censoring of natural and organic cash crops.

Gayle-Lynn supports and advocates the return or development of ecological and energy efficient industry or manufacturing, since production of energy, tools and machinery are essential to our state's independence.

Gayle-Lynn supports free enterprise over monopoly capitalism and big corporations. Minnesota is in dire need of promotion and protection of mom and pop businesses and farms throughout the great state. Expanding of foreign goods and produce importation in competition to local businesses and farms is unacceptable. As Lieutenant Governor, Gayle-Lynn shall promote Minnesota business and farming as FIRST and foremost.

The continued surrender of Minnesota businesses to foreign control is unacceptable; even that of CHINA-MART. If businesses remain owned and controlled by citizens of Minnesota then most of the assets will remain here. When businesses become foreign owned the assets are removed from Minnesota, which is not in the best interest of our people or state.

Gayle-Lynn supports and advocates the development, use and circulation of local currency, which will promote and protect local merchants and markets; thereby, alleviating dependency on inflationary Federal Notes.

As Lieutenant Government, Gayle-Lynn will set the people of Minnesota, their well being and interests as priority. Big corporations should not be allowed to control State government; such control is called Fabian Socialism or Fascism.

Gayle-Lynn supports and advocates the Truth that Minnesota is a sovereign nation, and has the Right to maintain and perform all actions as such, for benefit of those living here, as free independent state.

As Thomas Jefferson, Gayle-Lynn comes with a new broom and intends to make a clean sweep. She owes no allegiance to any special interest groups, big corporations or secret societies. It is high time to rout the vipers out of the State Capital and Judiciary.

On August 10, 2010, VOTE Phil Ratté for Governor and Gayle-Lynn: LeMaster for Lieutenant Governor.

Thank you!